Carolina E. D. C.'s management team has over a half century of experience in economic development, generating millions of dollars of new investment leading to the creation of thousands of new jobs.

Gregory L. Witul
Senior Partner

     Gregory Witul is a Senior Partner of Carolina Economic Development Consulting and brings with him over a decade of experience as an economic developer in both the public and private sectors. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Geography with a focus in Economics from the State University of New York at Buffalo and his Master’s degree in Business Administration in International Business from Niagara University As an economic development professional in Western New York, Gregory has worked with foreign and domestic corporations leading to investments and job creation in the region. During his tenure as a municipal economic developer he prepared and implemented town economic development policies, drafted overlay districts, and zones, and contributed to the Town Master Plan. Additionally, he met with and secured the relocation and expansion of foreign and domestic companies to the town, created an entrepreneur development program, and acted as a liaison between the town, outside economic development agencies, local universities, and the military on economic development projects.

    In the private sector Mr. Witul formed a small business assistance and technology transfer company that worked with Canadian firms trying to establish a presence in the United States. His company worked on a number of fronts including business consulting, potential funding applications, product testing, recruiting, marketing, and manufacturing. The firm worked in a number of sectors including alternative energy applications, harmonic drive electric motors, and electric vehicles. Mr. Witul sold the business in 2013, but continued to serve in a consulting capacity until the company closed operations in 2016.

    As a Senior Partner of Carolina EDC, Mr. Witul takes an active role in working with municipalities and their projects. His areas of focus include entrepreneur development, downtown revitalization, incubator marketing and development, and domestic and international economic development. He is currently a member of the Canada-United States Trade Center and the South Carolina Economic Developers Association.

Lawrence D. Witul

      Lawrence Witul is a principal of Carolina Economic Development Consultants and brings over 35 years of professional experience in the business and industrial development field. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Architecture and has worked in both the public and private sectors engaged in economic development.

     As a professional developer he has worked with over 600 businesses that generated millions of dollars of new private sector investment resulting in the retention and creation of 8,500 new manufacturing jobs. Lawrence has prepared business proposals, created and implemented targeted marketing initiatives, and managed development projects. Administratively he secured and managed over $8.5 million in federal and state grants, prepared annual operating and project budgets, and coordinated project implementation strategies. Part of the success associated with industrial development has been the creation, management, and operation of 4 multi-tenant business incubators essential to the creation and growth of 45 businesses.

     Prior to joining Carolina Economic Development Consulting Lawrence has prepared business plans and incentive proposals, developed and implemented economic development strategies, recruited and retained industry, managed and maintained development projects, and established, implemented, and coordinated marketed programs, and operated multi-tenant incubators. Critical to the success of new and expanding businesses have been the Micro Enterprise Assistance Program, entrepreneurial training programs, established and maintained pro-active Business Retention Programs and established and managed incubator facilities / incubators without walls.  

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