A few of the services we offer.

Strategic Economic Development Planning

A SWOT Analysis centered strategy to help a community create a map for the future growth from its downtown business district to its industrial centers, consistent with the desires of the community. We have developed, executed, and revised a number of economic strategies to help communities reach their goals.

Entrepreneurship Program

A program for new and start-up businesses that consists of a series of training elements that address the key issues essential to entrepreneurs, including the development of a business plan and market identification. Other components include business formation, accounting and financing, location, and other basics a business needs to know to successfully get off the ground. These classes are enhanced by bringing in members of the community to discuss their areas of expertise and why an entrepreneur will need them.

Business Retention Program

An ongoing effort to meet with local employers to ensure their business / government needs are identified, and where possible, addressed. This helps to identify possible links for local suppliers and / or customers, future growth or reduction activities, potential for new business ventures and opportunities for improved community relations and growth.

Business Incentive Programs

Create a variety of incentive programs for economic growth and downtown districts with the goal of offsetting utility costs, new business establishment, retain existing businesses, and encourage the location of businesses to the area that would have a significant economic impact on the community.

These are just a few of the services and programs Carolina EDC has worked on and developed. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs and how Carolina EDC can help. With our team’s half century of experience, Carolina Economic Development Consulting is ready to work with you to identify those opportunities most conducive to the community.

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